Marriage and Taxes

What marriage changed?

1- You create a new tax household; So you'll declare your income together on a single declaration signed by both spouses.
2- If you have no children, you now have two parts.
Expenses you can deduct from your taxes are reported together.
You will receive one tax notice on behalf of spouses, who may be paid either by one or the other. So do not be the first to rush in the mail!
- For ISF (the solidarity tax on wealth, higher than € 770 000 net worth in January 2008) the calculation is performed on all the goods that you are owners of two or individually. You're still a statement.

For the first time ...

For the first post-marriage statement, you will fill three statements.
1- The single declaration : Everyone says its own income from January 1 to the date of his marriage.
Warning ! With pre returns filed, you will have to modify the data.
You also will specify the date of your wedding, and dependents.
At this point, you have two statements: that the wife and the husband.

2- The joint statement : On a blank form, you must check the "married" and specify the wedding date
Can you indicate the couple's income from the wedding date until December 31 of that year.
You will add, if necessary, the dependents to the wedding date.

You now have your 3 statements, he'll just send them to the tax office of the marital home.
Tax on the period of "celibacy" is called individually.
Tax on the "married" period is called the couple

What period marry to pay less tax?

If the matter is not very romantic, it has the merit of being pragmatic!
The first year of union, the administration considers three separate tax households (that of the young lady, that of the squire and the spouse) and tax will be calculated for each of them.
We must find the perfect wedding date so that the sum of the tax due for each statement is as low as possible.
These little scientific calculations depend on the income of each ... your calculators!

To know : A declaration of simulation can be performed on the following website:

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